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Saint Seiya - draft #1 by Gugaaa
Saint Seiya - draft #1
I'm imagining a story for Saint Seiya to happen after the Hades saga. It doesn't consider the Armagedon battle, as well the Next dimension saga or the Prologue - Overture saga, only the Lost Canvas, as it have many, many rich material to build up a good story...

Trying to erase the presence of gods and supernatural beings from Earth, Zeus take Athena back to the Olimpus, leaving Seiya without explanations, as well the other Saints.

Impelled by an enormous unknown force, Seiya's cosmos explode and he can recover his conscience, breaking the Hades's sword curse. Seiya is tired by the humans fate always being dragged away by gods, one after another and his rage makes him change very much. His friends can't recognize that persevering guy anymore, what they see along the story is Seiya slowly becoming like Poseidon or Hades.

By his own, Seiya opens a "God's Path" which way only gods are supposed to walk and thus he reach the limbo, a world that was left after the destruction of the Hades's underworld. This new dimension is divided in two main parts, "Sephiroth", the light and "Clifote", the darkness. Once in Clifote, Seiya find a weird knight with a red armor made of ruby! This knight notice Seiya that indeed he is Seiya's Guardian Angel. Seiya ignores him and go ahead, anyway the Angel  follows Seiya without any intervention on his decisions as well in the battles he faces.

While the four god-knignts of Athena think that the journey is to recover their goddess, Seiya have other bigger intentions...

In the draft - top: Fenrir Alyoth, an angel of Odin with Shiryu, the Dragon, background - Youma, Kairos god (brother of Chronos) who is Tenma's father. Tenma is the past life of Seiya.
in the left - the Silver saint Asterion, the Hunter behind Seiya with an Angel's armor of diamond; in the right, Seiya's Guardian Angel of ruby.
In the bottom - another angel from Clifote and the former Hades Specter, the judge Radamanthys, the Wyvern.

Saint Seiya, Saint Seiya Lost Canvas are copyrighted by Toei Animation, Masami Kurumada, Shiori Teshirogi.
Saint Seiya - draft #2 by Gugaaa
Saint Seiya - draft #2
A draft about a storyboard of Saint Seiya I'm developing.
In the top - the golden knights Rasgad, the Taurus and Ikki, the Leo attacked by a Zeus angel while they're trying to save the Kagaho's soul (Fenix armor).
Below - the Hades specter Kagaho, the Bennu, Ikki wearing the Leo armor and Rasgad, the ancient golden knight of Taurus.
In the bottom - Deathmask and Manigoldo, the Cancer with Shun wearing the Virgo golden armor.

Trying to erase the presence of gods and supernatural events from human world, Zeus take Athena from Earth as well the armor of Ikki and Shiryu, since both were build with human souls. In the quest to rescue Athena, Ikki discover that his former armor is much more powerful than he can realize...

Saint Seiya, Saint Seiya Lost Canvas are copyrighted by Toei Animation, Masami Kurumada, Shiori Teshirogi.
Saint Seiya - draft #3 by Gugaaa
Saint Seiya - draft #3
Another draft for a Saint Seiya storyboard I'm developing, here are Manigoldo, the Cancer (Lost Canvas) and Shun, the Andromeda; below Manigoldo and Ikki, the Fenix and Hyoga, the Cygnus and Kristo, the Sazankross (South cross) (Eris Goddess battle).

Kiki, the Appendix used to be the pupil of Mu, the Aries golden knight, after the death of his master, Kiki starts to repair the armors damaged in the latest battle against Hades, while he do it, Kiki realize that he can see the last minutes of life each knight had before his death, seeing through the reminiscent cosmos impregnated in the armors. Kiki's curiosity is irresistible and he can't stop peeping the life of the former knight of each armor he get to repair. Intrigued with the big amount of armors in the Aries house, Shun, now the knight of Virgo go there to discover why Kiki is accumulate so many armors.

Shun scolds Kiki, but ends up curious about what changed the mind of Aphrodite and Deathmask to give their lives to help Seiya in Giudecca. Why somebody so evil like Deathmask could do such noble think? He wondered, but what Shun witness is the battle of Manigoldo and Sage with Tanatos, as well the death of Manigoldo when he catch the vessel of Tanatos and fall to oblivion in the God's Path. Touched by Manigoldo death, Shun can't take out of his mind that scene, a big sadness take hold of him and all the talking the former foes who he killed started to haunting him. Shun want so badly a way to reach that brave man he knew, but he doesn't know how to do it after almost 250 years... Once he enters the limbo following Seiya, his motivation grows strongly and in the deep of his heart, above Athena, what he wants most is to find Manigoldo.

Facing the terrible fate human souls find in the Limbo, Shun must find a way to recover the souls of his older friends. So he remembers something he learned with Shaka, the former Virgo knight and the closest human to the God. But to be well succeeded, Shun will have to take a hard decision...

Hyoga is the knight of Cygnus constelation, the "divine cross", Kristo once were the knight of the South Cross (mundane cross). In the quest to rescue Athena from Zeus, Hyoga find Kirsto's soul, forlorn by Eris. With Kristo, Hyoga starts his journey finding many other Silver Saints who perished by his hands.

Tormented by his mother's death, Hyoga see himself forced to throw away what he loves most to save Kristo, anyway big revelations will show him that there are many treasures hidden in the unknown future than what the past goodbye can give...

Saint Seiya, Saint Seiya Lost Canvas are copyrighted by Toei Animation, Masami Kurumada, Shiori Teshirogi.


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